104th ITS Scientific Session:
“Textile, a Subject of Interest in Universities”
November 12th, 2008

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Dalia Taylor, Abdel-Fattah M., Nancy B. Powell, Seyam, Mansour H. Mohamed
Three-Dimensional Orthogonal woven Composites Incorporation in the Automotive Supply Chain

Minyoung Suh, Abdelfattah M. Seyam, William Oxenham and T. Theyson
Static Generation and Dissipation in Yarns

Rachel Davis, Manisha Agrawal, Hyun Suk Whang
Controlled Release of Volatile Compounds from Inclusion Complexes with Cyclodextrin

Jung Hyun Park, Hoon Joo Lee, Hee Kyun Kim and Robert Fornaro
Diet-Facilitating Apparel (DFA)

Guowen Song, Betty Crown, Doug Dale and Jose Gonzalez
The Performance Evaluation of Thermal Protective Clothing and Recent Development in Relevant Standards

Tannie Mah, Guowen Song, Mark Ackerman, Betty Crown, Rachel McQueen
Thermal Protective Garments for Women: The Effect of Garment Design on Thermal Performance

Chathuri V. R. Mettananda and Elizabeth M. Crown
Quantity and Distribution of Oily Contaminants Present in Flame Resistant Thermal Protective Textiles