108th ITS Scientific Session - Quebec City

November 21, 2011

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Student Presenters at the 108th Scientific Session


PLLA-PEG-TCH-Labeled Bioactive Molecule Nanofibers for Tissue Engineering
Haiyun Gao, University of Manitoba

Narrow Sized Dual-functional Microcapsules: Contact Infection Control and Drug Delivery
Carl Wei He, University of Manitoba

Macroencapsulation of Conductive Materials
Gaétan Demers, Bennett Fleet (Quebec) Inc.

Development of Thermal Protective Fabrics for Steam and Hot Water Protection
Ghulam Murtaza, University of Manitoba

Best Practices in Green Manufacturing and Techical Textiles: Key Skills for a Changing Industry
Jean-Pierre Giroux, Textiles Human Resources Council

Student presenters
Student presenters left to right:

Carl He (University of Manitoba)
Abhilash Kulkarni (University of Manitoba)
Haiyun Gao (University of Manitoba)
Lena Horne (Institute of Textile Science)
Ghulam Murtaza (University of Alberta)
Junbin Shi (University of Manitoba)

"The 108th ITS scientific session and Expo High-Tex 2011 offered me opportunities for face-to-face conversations with people from the aerospace, military, and transportation sectors. I am now better informed about the dynamics of collaboration between companies and universities. I now realize that as a researcher of advanced materials, I have to take into consideration the demands of the end-users if I want my research to be commercialized."
- Junbin Shi

"My experience in Quebec pulled me out of the original pure scientific way of thinking and lead me to consider how my research could possibly be part of the advance of textile industry. These thoughts on differences in academic research and real world further lead me to think about what my part could be in the field of textiles and how I would build up my knowledge base and skills to fulfill my career goal."
- Carl He

"It was a great event. I enjoyed being there listening to scientific research and innovation happening around us. This event has influenced my research perspective a lot. When I was in engineering, I had just theoretically heard and learnt of textiles in electronics (smart materials). I see them now as a real product. It showed me how materials and textile knowledge can be applied to develop products in the field of automobiles and transportation. This event also showed me the collaborative work of different industries to develop a single product. I learnt a lot from this event."
- Abhilash Kulkarni

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