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  “The Apparel Innovation Centre, focusing on hot fluid and steam protection research, thermal comfort testing, product development and training. A collaboration between Olds College and Alberta Garment (AGM Wear Ltd.).”  Mr. Michael Bussoli, Apparel Innovation Centre   “A Prototype: Workwear for Protection Against Steam & Hot Water.”  Ms. Sihong Yu, M.Sc. (University of Alberta) – Apparel Solutions International Inc.   “Designing in the Wild: Towards Specialized Clothing Design.”  Prof. Megan Strickfaden, University of Alberta Oil Absorption Performance of Milkweed Hollow-Fiber in Sorbent Pads & Round Booms - Dr. Dominic Tessier, CTT Group & M. Francois Simard, Encore3Wearable Technologies Applied to Oil and Gas Industry Safety Clothing - Mrs. Aldjia Begriche, CTT GroupApplication of textiles and flexible materials for environmental protection - Melissa Chappel - CTT GroupLife Cycle Analysis and Ecodesign - Jean Plichon - Ellio The Four R's of Recycling in the Industrial Work Wear Market Place (Recover, Recycle, Re-use, Reduce - Mr. Dave Kasper, General Recycled